A Marketing System for Growth

Join other small business owners and entrepreneurs to connect, learn, grow & fast-track your marketing systems.

Our state of the art automation tools and powerful customer relationship management platform (CRM) are central to creating an automated client attraction system ideally suited to small businesses like yours.

Our weekly Marketing Mastermind provides the direction and helps you develop the strategy to easily implement a marketing system that will work for your 24/7.

Does your head spin when you think about all the moving parts and pieces of marketing your business?

Our weekly mastermind gives you a dedicated time to focus on the most important marketing tasks to grow their business. Each 13 week cyle we focus on building and automating a single marketing campaign that will continuously drive customer acquisition and business growth. 


  • Meeting via zoom every Monday at 1pm – 2:30pm Pacific/Arizona
  • Weekly time dedicated to working on your business
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching by request
  • Focus on campaign planning and execution
  • 13 week  implementation cycle
  • Focus on one funnel and one promotion
  • Campaign-specific automated email series
  • Weekly nurture email campaign
  • Peer accountability
  • Expert support

The LocalWerx CRM is much more than just another “software as a service”. It includes a weekly group coaching and mastermind to help you organize and plan your marketing and keep you focused on weekly tasks to support business growth.

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by technology or stumped by systems, this is the solution you’ve been looking for! Your LocalWerx Leader will walk you through setting up your customized marketing system. And weekly group coaching will keep you on track.

Our system goes a step further!

Ok, lots of steps…

Beyond these valuable CRM features, the LocalWerx CRM powers a community of small business owners and managers, just like you.

More important than the tools you use, is the knowledge to know what to build.

Get LocalWerx CRM and join our weekly mastermind to dive deeper into proven marketing tactics that accelerate your efforts.

Smart marketing starts with a plan

We’ll help you develop a plan to establish and amplify your online presence to reach and attract prospects, convert them to customers, and grow your business!

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