Is your website a lead generation engine?

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Lead Generation, Website Best Practices, zoomcast

This ongoing zoomcast series is a collaboration between LocalWerx founder Karen Estrin and website usability coach Kathie York. Each week we cover one specific topic in a micro-workshop (usually 10 minutes or less). We answer some of the most common questions we get around websites and site usability, online marketing, lead generation and more! 

How can I get more leads from my website or online?

I hear often from my clients how they’d like to generate more leads online.  As a website developer, I try to keep this in mind with every site I build. There are dozens of ways you can leverage your website to drive interest in and drive leads for your business. These are must-haves:

5 essentials your website must have before it can be a lead generation engine

  1. clear value statement (visitors know they’re in the right place – headline)
  2. Call to Action that is easy to understand and visible throughout
  3. CONTACT is far right link in navigation and sticky navigation
  4. easy to navigate site
  5. lead capture: like the Subscribe on Kathie’s eyebrow – value offering is her webinar

Today’s zoomcast includes introductions of Karen & Kathie, plus this week’s micro workshop: website lead generation basics

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