How long is the LocalWerx Marketing Mastermind?

Weekly mastermind meetings are 90 minutes, and each cycle is 13 weeks long. When you join, you are committing to attending the full 13 weeks.

Do I have to re-apply for each 13-week cycle?

No. Often Mastermind participants choose to continue for ongoing 13-week cycles, giving them a weekly time to focus on marketing their business. By focusing on a new campaign each 13-week cycle, they broaden their marketing reach over time. 

Mastermind Membership is recurring and current members will continue unless they decide to downgrade to CRM-only or cancel their LocalWerx membership.

What if I have a conflict and miss a session?

Weekly recordings will be available if you’re unable to attend a particular session but active participation is encouraged.

Can I have my entire marketing team attend?

Mastermind Membership is for one individual. You may certainly sign up multiple team members and we offer a discount for teams of 2 or more at the same company. There are advantages to having your team in the same mastermind, and likewise, advantages to splitting them up. Please contact Karen ( to discuss team registration.

Do I need to also subscribe to the LocalWerx CRM?

No, the LocalWerx Marketing Mastermind includes a CRM subscription and you do not have to buy it separately.

What if I already have a CRM? Can I just use mine?

Technically yes, and the strategy and concepts included in the Mastermind can be useful with any CRM. However, we will be using the LocalWerx CRM throughout the Mastermind and cannot take time to explain or facilitate integrations with other CRM platforms.

After I participate in one 13-week cycle, do I get to keep using the LocalWerx CRM if I don’t want to continue in the Mastermind?

Yes, simply downgrade your LocalWerx membership from CRM + Mastermind to LocalWerx CRM to retain your CRM account.  And you may re-join the Mastermind during any open registration period (2 weeks prior to the start of a calendar quarter) by upgrading your Membership. 

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