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If you’re checking out this page, you probably got an email from Janie, on our outreach team. She’s been enthusiastically reaching out to business owners in the area to tell them about this great new alternative to GROUPON, livingsocial and other deal sites.

You see, those sites take an average of 50% of the already deeply discounted deal, leaving local business owners to fulfill the deal while getting as little as 15%-20% of regular price!  Ouch! That’s clearly not a sustainable model for local businesses.

So in 2022 we launched the Local Loyalty App, a flat-rate text marketing platform that let’s you connect with your clients and potential customers directly.  You deliver the deals that make sense for your business, and YOU keep all the revenue.

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Local Loyalty App

Have you ever heard a past customer say “I was looking for your website to book an appointment and found your deal on Groupon!” Lucky them. Not lucky you. They were already planning on booking with you and now you have to share 50% of an already deeply discounted deal with the deal site.

What if you stop rewarding discount sites and instead reward new and current customers? Run your own deals and keep 100% of the sales!

Join LocalWerx and pay a flat fee to offer deals directly to new and current customers without sharing the income with deal sites.

Text VIP Club to (480) 660-4060 to see how it works!

With the Local Loyalty App you can

  • Text subscribed customers anytime
  • Fill openings in your schedule
  • Reward loyal customers and keep them coming back

Features include:

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • SMS Marketing*
  • Unlimited loyalty campaigns
  • Initial campaign setup included
  • Professional graphic design
  • Local Loyalty App (to see and manage activity from your phone)

*$10 free sending credits per month (That’s about 650 texts). Add additional funds as desired to send even more. 

$100 set up fee then $97/mo

Change or add campaigns anytime for an additional $99 setup fee.

Want to see how it works? Text VIP Club to 480-660-4060 to experience it yourself.

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