GRO Quarterly


As a small business owner or manager, you know the importance of consistent marketing to grow your customer base and revenue.

And you probably know that smart marketing starts with a plan!

Give us 90 minutes and you'll have a plan to generate a steady flow of your perfect clients in the next 90 days!

Let’s make next quarter your best ever!

VIDEO 1: Intro

VIDEO2: Goals (yours and theirs)

VIDEO 3: Revenue (your in-demand offer)

VIDEO 4: Outreach (marketing & more)

VIDEO 5: Putting it all together

Goals. Revenue. Outreach.

GRO is our proven method for establishing goals, focusing on revenue-generating products, and outreach to connect with your ideal customers. It’s the basis for planning and drives the focus of all the work we do with our clients, both directly and in our mastermind.

We developed this mini-series as a valuable resource for anyone who is responsible for marketing a business.  The GRO method will help you refine your strategy and execute effectively.

GRO Quarterly workshop:

  • establishes long-term goals and priority goals for the next 90 days
  • refines your revenue-driving offer and aligns it with your audience and goals
  • identifies your ideal customer and their preferred communication type
  • develops a 3-step fast-action plan to reach to your ideal clients
  • outlines your weekly and daily tasks in support of your goals
  • creates a repeatable system for ongoing promotion

And let’s you take command of your success!


Setting goals helps you to envision both the big picture and the immediate road ahead. It helps you to manage your time and resources so that you can achieve your desired outcome.


Quickly and consistently generate income by refining your in-demand, revenue-driving offer. The right offer, to the right audience at the right time is a proven formula for success.


Relationship-first marketing outreach includes communicating with your ideal target market so you can bring them value and convert them to customers.

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