Need to reach more local customers?

Optimize local.

Marketing is hard.

But you know how important it is to you to keep your business growing.

We can help you reach more local customers and get more sales with less effort.

As a small business owner or manager, you know the importance of consistent marketing to grow your customer base and revenue.

But where do you start? How do you know if your efforts are working? How do you reduce the time spent generating leads and building customer relationships while still running your business?

Are you confused by all the moving parts and pieces of marketing your business?

We can help!

Small businesses and entrepreneurs join LocalWerx to minimize marketing madness with software-supported marketing systems that attract their ideal customers, develop long-term relationships, and drive a constant flow of revenue and profit.

Here’s How It Works

Book a Call

Book a one-on-one action call with our team to discuss your needs and see if our process is a good fit for your business.

Join LocalWerx

Join the plan that provides the support you need. Then schedule your strategy & onboarding session to develop a plan and set up your marketing CRM.

Marketing Monday

Join us every Monday for our coworking group or mastermind and focus your efforts on building your marketing machine.

Our Specialties

LocalWerx is a local internet marketing agency dedicated to providing tools, resources and support for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Our proven local first approach establishes a solid foundation to succeed in your local area and scale beyond. Our specialties include:

Strategy & Planning

Through our members group, mastermind or one-on-one coaching, we identify your goals and create a plan to meet your objectives.

Execution Management

A clear execution plan is key to worry-free marketing. And if you find you don't have time, we can execute all, or part, of your marketing strategy.


Marketing software with coaching built in! Our group coaching and mastermind programs meeet weekly to help you build your marketing machine.

CRM, Email & Text Marketing

Enterprise-level software to support multi-channel campaigns, automate engaging follow-ups and capture responses from your leads.

Social Media

From our built-in Social Planner to our dedicated Account Managers we offer social media solutions that work for small businesses.

Websites that Work

Our developers will turn your website into a powerful marketing tool to attract and retain customers.

Marketing Minutes

Our blog is full of valueable tips and mini-strategies that you can implement in just a few minutes. 

Planning out Your Social Media Marketing

Planning out Your Social Media Marketing

Having a clear plan and understanding of the basics is important to have a successful social media marketing —and, more importantly, stay in front of their customers’ eyes. 

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Are you frustrated with how things are going because your strategy is unclear and you’re wasting money on marketing that doesn’t produce results?

Let’s get your marketing systems up to speed so you can attract your ideal customers, nurture long-term relationships, and drive a constant flow of revenue and profit.

Connie Paradise
Connie Paradise
June 28, 2022.
I couldn't be happier with the finished website Karen created for me. She takes a jumble of content and images and assembles them into a striking, yet interesting and informative marketing piece. I feel as though I've really upped my game with the result she delivered. I love how she packages her services so I don't have to deal with website problems and special additions myself. I am happy and confident to recommend her. Once my site was up and running, Karen invited me to join her Mastermind group to glean the most benefit from the new LocalWerx CRM. The ongoing in-depth instructions will provide my photography business with robust automated marketing tools. As a member of this group, I set up campaigns faster and better than I could have on my own. This is another benefit of working with Karen.
William Searle
William Searle
June 28, 2022.
I am excited to be working more with Karen Estrin more now that she has created Local Werx. She has helped me in the past with my website. We have worked together on many marketing and advertising projects and as Business Partners. She is very easy to work with, a website expert and extremely marketing and sales savvy. She is also an excellent instructor. I have learned alot from her in the many classes I have taken from her. Looking forward to working with her on the new CRM mastermind and growing my business!!!
Kathie York
Kathie York
June 27, 2022.
I can’t afford hundreds of dollars to keep all this stuff (beyond my website) going SEPARATELY: . • CRM • Emailing updates to my subscribers • SCHEDULING a 12-week series of posts for LinkedIn • Base and storage for an online course • Etc. . And now I don’t have to because Karen Estrin’s LocalWerx CRM (LWC) has everything in one affordable package. (And I’m talking low 3-figure affordable. Not huge-company-affordable.) . Karen has been my webmaster for years. I was thrilled to discover she now offers a superior CRM that is the most robust I’ve seen. And it all comes with a weekly (yes, weekly) mastermind! . I’m replacing, with LWC, all the marketing tools I have outside my website. I just scheduled a 12-week series of posts for LinkedIn within the LocalWerx CRM. (Even if LI gets around to offering a similar tool, I have control over my files this way.) . The next time Karen starts a new cohort, check it out. If you come along for this incredible ride, be prepared to experience “Ah HAH!” moments and marketing steps that work. IMHO, you won’t be disappointed.
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