Your marketing should ROARR!!!

The hunt for new clients never ends. You need to always be out there generating leads, even when you have plenty of work to keep you busy. It takes time to nurture relationships and you never know when you’ll bump into your ideal client. But how do you keep doing this when you’re busy? The way to do it is to be organized.

Create a strategy for finding new clients. Systematize so you don’t have to think about it.

This 90-minute fast-action workshop will help you get into the regular habit of collecting and nurturing leads so that you can maintain a consitent flow of new customers in the future.


Right Offer

There’s a lot packed into creating the right offer for your audience. You must understand what value you bring to the table and what makes you unique in your market. Your messaging and brand must communicate that value to your potential customers in a way that makes doing business with you desirable.


  • audience/niche
  • products/services/offering
  • branding
  • messaging



We believe the main issue most small businesses have related to marketing is a lack of awareness. Not enough potential customers know they exist or what they offer.

Getting your message in front of the right audience can be a game changer!


  • communication
  • promotion
  • advertising
  • search optimization


Review & Repeat

This essential, and often skipped, step makes individual marketing activities into a system that will continue to generate awareness, interest, leads and new customers, into the future.

Setting up your efforts to be measured and then reviewing results on a regular basis allows you to focus your budget and resources on the activities that get the greatest results.


  • systemization of activities
  • regular review of results
  • automate what works


This workshop-on-demand is divided into 5 video modules. Watch at your own pace, download the ROARR planner and create a plan that will make your marketing ROARR!

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